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Project Pricing for 2022

Photography, marketing or advertising projects can vary a lot - from a single photo to a year-long product strategy - so there is no "normal" price. However, to give you a guide, many of the tasks and services can be broken down into the price list you see below.
Payment terms for individual projects are 50% deposit to confirm the order and initiate the project. The remaining 50% being payable in full before delivery or publication.
Payments for on-going projects are invoiced monthly.

Marketing & Advertising prices:
Social Media marketing plan (monthly contract) from - R3950.oo
A standard package would include:
1.   one basic product or brand photo-shoot per month
2.   creating & scaling 3 still image social media posts published to 3 platforms per week
3.   R750 of paid promotion on selected posts per month.
Marketing or advertising project (per day) R1750.oo + exp
One-off or additional marketing projects are priced on a "Per Day" basis. We will give you an estimate of the cost before we start, but this is not a quotation. The actual invoiced price may differ.
We will require a deposit to confirm the order.
An itemised invoice showing the final cost will be presented to you at the end of the project.
Design & Publication (per hour) R250.oo
For both marketing & advertising using still images, this is compiling the "creative pack" (vector, caption, text etc) then scaling the creative to suit the exact requirements of the platforms each will be used on.
A flat .jpeg image as made from the creative and either mailed for approval or mailed direct to the newspaper or magazine publication desk or posted direct to the media platform.
Photography prices:
Basic venue shoot   (2 person crew, 1/2 day) R750.oo + exp
You will receive 10 selected and processed images. A logo and text can be overlayed if required.
Basic product shoot   (1 photographer, 2 hr session) R350.oo + exp
This is the price for a basic "Product against background" shoot.
Extra time taken for complex studio staging and graphics will be charged additionally at R250 per hour
Basic food shoot   (1 photographer, 2 hr session, 3 items max) R350.oo + exp
This is the price for a basic "item against background" shoot.
Extra time taken for complex studio staging and graphics will be charged additionally at R250 per hour
Khanyishe Live shoot   (2 person crew and model, 1/2 day) R1650.oo + exp
A photo-shoot with Khanyishe at your venue. It can include a product feature also. You will receive 10 selected and processed images.
3 selected images will be made up into media adverts and published to the Khanyishe media platforms (yielding delivery to 10k+ accounts per post)
Graphic design   (Per hour) R250.oo
Video Photography prices:
Social Media Reel Just R600.oo + exp
If you're looking for a REAL bargain, the order a REEL.   These are 20-30 second high quality video ad's. You see them all over social media, and you can use them over and over again.
These have simple, often energetic content that makes a single point, clearly.   They are often made to loop-repeat seamlessly which encourages viewers to watch your advert multiple times.   (T&Cs do apply)
Additional project costs:
We will make all reasonable effort to retain your cost to within your agreed budget, but if you do ask us to do something sudden and additional, our time plus the price of anything that we must buy or hire to complete your project will be added to your account and/or invoice in addition.
Venue or studio hire at cost + 10%
Other special equipment - hire or purchase at cost + 10%
(For example: staging, set, scenery, PA, lighting, costumes)
Travel within Greater Hermanus (fixed charge per vehicle - 4 staff per vehicle) R150.oo
Travel outside Greater Hermanus (per vehicle - 4 staff per vehicle) R7 per km
Accommodation (3 star B&B + evening meal as per receipts provided) at cost
Options & Info:
Payment of monthly contract projects is by invoice in arrears. Invoices will be sent on 28th of each month, payable on the 1st of the following month. No more than 30 days credit will be allowed.
Payment options for large scale projects are available, though they are dependent on the project. Projects like a long-term strategy for example, can be Pay-as-you-Go. In this case the project would be broken down into individual segments. Each segment would be completed and paid in full before the commencement of the next.

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